HTML you need to Know

What you should know about HTML sometime during this class 

You must know a little HTML to take this class successfully.
Web page development tools like MS FrontPage, Dreamweaver, GoLive,
and Netscape Composer hide the raw HTML tags from you and, therefore,
do NOT give you the experience necessary to take this class successfully!

At a minimum, you need to understand the following HTML tags
(and their attribute settings) to have the required background to take this class:

	The tags that define the overall structure of the page:

		<html> and </html>
		<head> and </head>
		<title> and </title>
		<body> and </body>

	The tags that create sections on the visible page:

		<p> and </p>   	Paragraphs
		<h1> and </h1> 	Heading 1
		<h2> and </h2>	Heading 2

	How to create a link with:

		<a> and </a>

	How to do a line-break with:

		<br> or <br />

	How to bold text with:

		<b> and </b>

	How to display an image with:


    How to display an ordered and unordered lists:

   		<ol> and </ol>
   		<ul> and </ul>
   		<li> and </li>

	How to display an HTML table (with its rows and columns):

		<table> and </table>   to declare a table
		<tr> and </tr>		 to create a row in the table
		<th> and </th>		 to create heading cells (single column on the row)
		<td> and </td>		 to create data cells (single column on the row)

	How to code an HTML form and use common form elements like:

		coding a <form> tag and specifying
		the correct method and action values

		a Submit button

		a non-submitting button

		radio buttons


		text boxes


		select-option lists

If you do not know this much HTML, you have two choices:

1.  Learn the basic HTML tags. (It's fairly easy :-)
2.  Drop the class.

Learning them fast may be a realistic option if you've been using a tool
like FrontPage or Dreamweaver.  Either  buy yourself an HTML
reference book or look at the HTML tutortials at W3Schools

- Steve